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Hekmatullah Alizada got reunited with with his three children in Denmark after four months separated.

Husband reunited with his pregnant wife in asylum center in Denmark

Hekmatullah got lost from his pregnant wife and children on their escape to Europe, but after four months they found each other again in the asylum center.

By: Baryalai Wafa

A car mechanic was living with his family in the Helmand province in Afghanistan, which is a very dangerous place. His name is Hekmatullah Alizada and he left his home country in 2015 with his two children and a pregnant wife because of the war. They came together to Maku in Iran, near the Turkish border, but in that moment a smuggler told him that he must separate from his wife and children when they cross the border to Turkey.

Hekmatullah was waiting for many hours when he crossed the border, but the smuggler just said:
“Don’t worry. Your family have gone forward and you will meet them soon”.

But when he reached Greece, he didn’t find his wife and children and he was so worried, because he didn’t have any contact with his family.

Rejection of asylum
After all he reached Denmark in September 2015 with so many problems. He was sleepless and had scary dreams. He informed the Red Cross about his missing family and they took information from him. “I was crying and praying that maybe one day I would meet my family again”.

Hekmatullah Alizada and his family are now living in camp Dianalund.

And one day, after four months, his family arrived at his asylum center: “That moment was a new life for me”. And one month later his third daughter was born in Denmark.

He gave three interviews to the immigration office during one year, but he got negative response. Now he is waiting for a lawyer and hope is the only strength for him.

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