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A switch to success

Kannan Iyampeyumal came as an asylum seeker to Denmark in 2005. Now he has got asylum, a good job and he has started a family

Kannan cooking
Kannan prepares a hot meal in the kitchen in Center Sandholm


By Makmoud

 “My ambition is to be a fully qualified cook”, Kannan Lyamseromal says.

Kannan Iyampeyumal is 37 years of age. He came from the huge city of Chennai in southern India, and now lives in Rødovre – a suburb of Copenhagen – together with his wife. He has worked for four years as an assistant cook in the kitchen in Sandholm Center’s cafeteria.

Hard working
“I am cooking, preparing vegetables, cleaning, washing and handling food in the cafeteria,” Kannan Iyampeyumal explains and adds that he feels his job is a kind of service and help. He feels normal and relaxed at work because he knows the work and how to deal with people in any kind of situation.

Preparing the menu
At the start of the week the chef prepares the weekly menu, and Kannan and the rest of the staff sometimes come with ideas and suggestions that are included in the menu.

“On the pocket money day we are very busy and sometimes we call our chef to help. But luckily most of the people who come to Sandholm Center are kind and good people”.

Right aim
Kannan Iyampeyumal does not wish to share the reason for him leaving his country, but he is having a good life in Denmark. “I am happy here,” he says. He has learnt to speak, read and write Danish, and still continues to study Danish so that he can learn even more.

Good people
Kannan likes Danish culture and Danish people and has many very good Danish friends. He likes his job and his colleagues at work, including his chef, and describes them as “kind, sweet, and helpful.”

Kannan is grateful to Denmark for giving him a new start in life. “Now I have a family, and I will always give my best,” he says.


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