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A rare day out

Sometimes it seems that asylum seekers are isolated from everything. But on June the 6th, 2012 in the middle of the Copenhagen city heart, the place called Fælledparken was packed by near one thousand beautiful and charming kids. Among them the children of Avnstrup Asylum center Kindergarten.

On this day children of the asylum seekers don’t have to think about their parents condition when they are playing with other children.

They were gathered to celebrate the “Børnenes Grundlovsdag” [Children’s Constitution Day, Ed.]. It’s a day to realize and complete the basic ideas about children’s right as formulated in the UN Child Convention.

Opportunity to mingle
The Avnstrup kindergarten is a kindergarten for the asylum seeker’s children only. Farida, one of the teachers of the kindergarten, says they have been coming here with their children for many years in a row, because it’s a nice opportunity for them to mingle with other children and spend the whole day.

Mohammed, who lives in the center Avnstrup with his daughter, was delighted to join the festival and wanted to thank the organizers. He thought that it’s a great way to spend the time with his family.

For all kind of children
To celebrate the day in this manner with the children is “awesome” said by one of the organisers Lene Johannesson. They organize this day for all kind of children between 3 to 10 years. They are celebrating 15 years of this festival and enjoying. “The asylum seeker’s children and the non asylum seekers children has no difference in this place”, says Lene Johannesson. “Children are the most beautiful creatures in the world and whatever their parents status is, that shouldn’t impact on the their lives.”

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