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A new library only for asylum seekers was roughly finished all its carpentry on February 7th 2016 in Kongelunden Asylum Centre. The name of the library is Bibliotek Kongelunden. The library will become a platform for different types of learning programmes such as literary workshops, which can both show forth and learn more about writing poetry, stories and journalism. The library will provide language cafes and conversation rooms.

A Library For Asylum Seekers

A new multi-language library for asylum seekers is opening in Kongelunden Asylum Centre. The library will become a platform for different types of learning programmes, language cafes and conversation rooms.

By: Marion Chen


The idea of the library comes from a young man, Tore Qvist, who is the runner of the small NGO library in Kongelunden Asylum Centre.

Possibilities for asylum seekers based on their own will
Being a volunteer for three and a half year in the Kongelunden Red Cross Centre Tore Qvist has been looking for ways to develop the asylum system inspired by his educational background of philosophy and business administration.

Books from Danish libraries in foreign languages
Tore Qvist got a post from the Danish Royal Library last year. They told him that the integration centre for the state libraries, who are the ones who buy books in foreign languages, were throwing out a lot of books. Tore Qvist thought that these books could benefit people who speak foreign languages and are from different nationalities in the asylum centre.

Almost 5000 books in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic, Urdu, Russian and other languages were collected at the Danish Royal Library and transferred to Kongelunden Asylum Centre by Tore Qvist, his fellow volunteers and residents from Kongelunden Asylum Centre.

Tore Qvist: There is really something missing
Tore Qvist had an intuition five years ago, which told him that there is something lacking in this huge system of the asylum centres and in the way we handle asylum seekers. So he started a NGO looking for ways where the law hampers possibilities for asylum seekers and refugees who want to develop themselves more in their lives.

Getting in contact with the lost values
“It is very good to find these new interests and new opportunities for refugees, because in many ways these new interests help us getting in contact with the lost values,” Tore Qvist said.
“It is both values in the moral sense and in the economic sense. It is values that are forgotten, which get treated badly so they lose all, they are, because the values are prohibited.”

Bibliotek Kongelunden will get new books every year from the national libraries. The library will be a central library for all asylum centres, and the vision for Bibliotek Kongelunden is to constantly expand and give books to all the other asylum centres.

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