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Trampoline House still in risk of closing in 2017


The house needs money to stay open after December 2016 By Eden Director Morten Goll and fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen are stressed because the Trampoline House will only stay open until the end of this year. Then the private donations and private funding will be too small. The house can survive …

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Today is the international day of the dissapeared

Trace the face 2

Many people have lost contact with their lost ones during their escape from their home countries. Aslan from Afghanistan is one of them. He now puts hope in Red Cross’ tracing service, which helps hundreds of relatives to be reunited all over Europe every year. By Marion Chen Calm, gentle …

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“Culture is a potential weapon for integration”


A big gathering of artists and culture people in Mors started its opening at 2pm on 25th, August, 2016. This is well known as the Cultural Summit, Kulturmødet, in Denmark, which has almost the same impact as the Folkmødet in Denmark. The Cultural minister Bertel Haarder attended the opening and …

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“Venligboerne” build bridges in Dianalund

The party was held in Dianalund library on the 10th of July 2016. Photo: Hala

The civil group “Venligboerne” arranges many activities for the asylum seekers and refugees in Dianalund. The reactions from the participants are overwhelmingly positive. By: Hala  Dianalund is a beautiful and quiet city in Zealand, which has an asylum center who received refugees. The people of Dianalund are very kind to …

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Bike repairing asylum seekers bring smiles in Dianalund

The asylum seekers in front of their new workshop. Photo: Hala

Two refugees spend their waiting time on repairing old bikes. It makes them happy to see the smile of children when they get a bike to play with. By: Hala Biland Shabak from Iraq and Poyenda Alimmy from Afghanistan are asylum seekers in Dianalund asylum center. They have decided to …

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“Militias in Iraq are worse than ISIS”


Persecution, humiliation and murder – that is what Talal was exposed to before he was able to escape from Iraq, together with his nephew. Now he hopes to build a future in Denmark. By: Hala Talal Khalid Nasir was born in 1965 in the city of Basra in Iraq. He …

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Culture Week in Kongelunden centre


Musical performances, poetry readings, acrobatic performance and exhibition of paintings were all a part of the culture week at Center Kongelunden June 18th By: Nino The interest to Center Kongelunden’s culture week was big. Every day there were different performances and the exhibition of David Jason Lou’s paintings was open during all …

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Roskilde Festival promotes human rights

In front of 60.000 people on the big stage of Roskilde Macklemore talked about the shootings in Orlando on Roskilde Festival urging people to advocate peace where  they go. Photo: Marion Chen

It is in the spirit of the Roskilde Music Festival to promote human rights through music, the festival’s board members explain By Marion Chen One of the first days of the festival Edward Snowden was interviewed live from Moscow at Roskilde Music Festival. More than 16,000 young people attended. “It …

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