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Escape from Afghanistan’s Horror to reach peace

Soldier in Afghanistan

Darwish, who’s young, full of energy, well educated and well experienced is forced to leave Afghanistan to save his life. He has started the journey to Europe, and we have met him to talk about why he fled Afghanistan. By Naseem Darwish has a dream about getting a good life …

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Successful refugee Sabah sells evening dresses

Sabah talking about her shop with the New Times journalist. Photo: Bahr

Asylum in Denmark is not something new. Denmark has always received asylum seekers, but the number has been increasing. A lot of the refugees are now integrated in the Danish community and have become a part of it. Sabah Sabri Isa from Iraq is an example of a successful former …

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A Danish family welcomed me like in my own country


Meeting this danish family in Bornholm really changed my feeling about the Danes. By Eden When I first arrived to Europe my biggest interest was to get to know the European culture and how to integrate. I find it very important to know how to understand a new place and …

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Behnaz expresses her ideology by dreamy art

Pale coloured, dark matter presented, floating shadow, naive girl in the picture and an Iranian carpet background in blue layout are all factors that can be seen in Behnaz’s paintings.

By Marion Chen Behnaz paintings aroused much interest by the audience, at the Artival Exibtion at Global Art Gallery Behnaz is an Iranian painter. On 30th September 2016  her paintings were presented at the Artival Exhibition at Global Art Gallery, arranged by Immigrant Art. Her work was well accepted by the audience, among …

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“We Can Do Something” -Interview with a Syrian musician

Nour Amora is a Syrian musician living Denmark.

By Marion Chen The refugees coming to Europe have a lot to offer the societies, the Syrian musician Nour Amora argues The last event of Artival, a festival focusing on foreign artists living in Denmark, was a Syrian concert at Café Mandela on the Ist of October in Copenhagen. Nour …

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Open day in Kongelunden


By Makmoud   The guests who came for the open day were divided in three groups each headed by staff member and taken to a tour through the center. They visited  the reception, the fitness room, a second hand shop, the cafe and music room, the kindergarten, the nursery, the …

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Amnesty concerned about the conditions of tolerated stay

Amnesty International published an article in their September issue about the conditions concerning people living on tolerated stay in Denmark.

Amnesty International has made an article about the people living on tolerated stay and the unjust conditions under which they live  By Ismael The organization Amnesty International have spoken to several people who are living under the law of tolerated stay and are forced to live in Center Sandholm during their …

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“Better to learn from each other than fear each other”

Gallery owner Tina Lorien. (Photo: Longfei Wong)

Tina Lorien, a gallery owner in Copenhagen, warns about the tone of the dialoge about refugees in Denmark By Marion Chen “I am so happy to be the part of the Artival, the Immigrant Art,” says Tina Lorien, the owner of the Gallerie Lorien in Copenhagen. At the very beginning, …

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Syrian Artist Inspires People To Help Syrians


Syrian artist has his pictures on display in Copenhagen. He hopes his art can help his people in Syria By Marion Chen Saif Aldeen Tahhan, 26 years old, is a Syrian artist, who escaped from the war and came to Denmark in September, 2014. Saif is now working as an …

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